Monday, March 25, 2019

Make Your Own Happiness - Fck Users

I had an eye opening moment, last night.  Last week was Spring Break for the kids.  As usual, I didn't get a day to rest til AFTER the week was over, and they were back at school.  Instead, I was working EXTRA hard on my income production options for the needs of the family, doing the chores of the kids that were with our EX's, and running myself ragged trying to keep up with all that I already do, such as groceries, meals, cleaning, and more.

MEANWHILE, my ex had flown up to my area to take my daughter to be with my mom and sister's house, whom I had cut off after they stole from my house, refused to come to my wedding, and wrote me a note saying "have a nice life."  Upon Bethany's return (with Strep throat my ex gave her), I noticed many new "gifts" she had got from her, and my ex had done my daughter's science fair project with her that wsan't due for a month, which I had been planning to do, as someone who had won a science fair in the past.

Then, on Sunday when everyone was back together, I rented a DVD for us to watch and made them a higher maintenance dinner.....and got attitude from them about doing their chores., after the week "vacation" that was double work for me, I ended the week being the BAD guy, while they celebrated all they got from the ex's and gave me attitude for being a parent.  SUDDENLY, I found myself BACK where I was before I got my divorce from my ex, being the person that was responsible and active, while my ex got to get the credit for being a parent, while I was stuck invisible and my personal needs ignored....only now doubled with another ex connected to the family.

AFTER marinating in this for the last 24 hours, I have come to this conclusion.  STOP doing things for those that do not SEE you or ACT for your happiness.  Make your own happiness, even if it means taking yourself into other social groups and environments that DO get you.  Fck the rest.  They probably won't notice anyway, and they are going to disrespect you, regardless.

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