Thursday, March 21, 2019

Reviving and Future Project

I moved on from to because of a reason that I have used, before.  I am returning to it for the reason I had returned to it, as well.

Forward to Happiness was an angle that I had for years that was blogging about (and later writing about in books) the need to make decisions that were beneficial for your own happiness, apart from the needs of those that use you without empathy or respect.  However, I thought that the site...even if it were focusing on LEAVING abusers...gave too much respect and acknowledgement to those in our lives that attempt to use us.

HOWEVER, the reality is that those people will still be there and new people like them, throughout our lives.  As such, I am reviving this blog and will be putting my personal posts here, again.  We can "never stop fighting" as Will remarked in Will and Grace, last week.  Part of that fighting is to shine a light on those that do us wrong, because that is the ONLY thing that will make them scatter like cockroaches in the light.

I will also be reviving my prior books in Amazon Kindle, soon, and will be putting together a new and updated book in this line with new blog material that I have written on various blogs over the last year.

So, when things my ex flying up to spend my daughter's Spring Break with my family members with whom I don't speak, rather than fly my daughter down to be with her and her sister in Florida (whom my ex not only didn't fly up but abandoned to a homeless shelter)...solely for the purpose of trying to be "better" than me in the eyes of my family and my daughter, I will make it known, here.

I will also be writing new messages that are not personal but on the message of personal respect and self esteem and such for this blog, so others can be inspired to find freedom in their own lives.

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