Tuesday, March 26, 2019

The VALUE of a HOUSEWIFE (unpaid)

As I was driving my children to school this morning, I passed a school bus, and I got an idea for a blog post that I wanted to share, here.  In many households in the country, the housewife (of which I am one) gets overlooked or has their tasks EXPECTED and UNAPPRECIATED by those of the household.  Here is a picture of what value is being missed....

Daily WAGE (unpaid) of a HOUSEWIFE by hourly fraction of comparable average wages...

BUS DRIVER (driving kids to school 15 min): $3.5
COOK/CHEF (meals 1.5 hours):  $15
Grocery Shopper (1 hour): $16  (ave between contractor ave of 12 and employee of 20)
Maid (house cleaning/laundry of 1 hours):  $11

So, JUST with those 4 items, the DAILY unpaid wage of a housewife is $45.5 per day -  $16,607 per year (they don't get days off). 

So, the next time someone complains about the measley EIC tax refund a wife gets, go fk yourself.

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