Thursday, March 28, 2019

They Only Beat You If You Give Up

Sometimes, I feel exhausted in my struggle to be myself and in watching the political scene.  It is easy to feel that things will never change or that I am making so little of a difference that it doesn't matter.  However, that mentality is focusing on the wrong thing.

The battle to be yourself is not something that you win or you lose.  It is not in the destination.  Others do not determine your victory.  The battle to be yourself is in the CHOICE to be yourself, and that battle is over when you make that decision.  You won.  Final judgment....UNLESS you relent and go back to their desires for you.

Whether it be political or personal, this is a battle that we all must face in learning to STAND in your convictions.  Users don't WANT TO SEE you....don't want to know you and your truth exists in their pretense of their own public approval and maintenance of their well structured stereotypes they impose on the world.  Just by EXISTING, you are winning, and their anger and desire to shut you up is evidence of that fact.  If it WASN'T a problem, they would welcome you or at least tolerate your divergence from their expectations.

So, today, tell the world to fk off and be and believe and say whatever you want.  It is YOUR life, and no one else can tell you what that means.  They may have the majority and be trying to pretend you don't exist, but that shouldn't stop you from SHOWING them they are wrong, as you celebrate the victory that is YOU.

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