Monday, March 25, 2019

Warding Off My Devil Card - Learning to Relax

I have talked about this multiple times, and I keep coming back to the reality...confirming the reality.  I have an addiction of feeling like I need to over-extend myself in order to earn money for other people.  Then, I either have a physical result (such as my high blood pressure or injury) or get burned out and bitter.  This addiction is my "devil card" that often comes up in my readings about it in Tarot (the devil card is your addiction or weakness).

Recently, I fell back into that addiction in over-extending myself by working full time at home as the house parent, since my wife's back will not allow much housework, nor her business, as well as working full time in various income production activities.  I even justified it that many single mothers have to do this, well as many married ones.  However true that may be, it is not physically possible by my body nor should be an acceptable standard for ANY house parent.

When I start my day, I take all the kids to school.  Then, I stop by the store to get whatever groceries that need to be picked up.  Then, I come home and do work all day, online.  Then, the kids come home and rest, and I am...WORKING AGAIN to prepare and cook food (often washing dishes before hand), and start laundry.  Then, I serve food, and collect the laundry, later.  All of this is besides the various cleaning and house tasks that I must do from time to time in the day, like mowing the yard and such.

Why should it be an acceptable standard that the housewife has to work a job OUTSIDE the house and then work IN the house, while others relax?

THEREFORE, I am making some positive choices for my health and happiness.  Starting tomorrow, I will be scaling back half my online activities...still doing the higher paying Appen but bringing mturk to a MUCH lower level.  I will be taking at least 3 hours off...WITHOUT INCOME or HOUSE purpose..for myself, per day.  Before and after that period, I will make investment decisions on our money, which has a greater long term personal benefit, anyway.

Following this plan, I expect more peace of mind, health, and happiness.

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