Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Appropriation and the Importance of Gender (Even Among Trans)

I have to voice a blog that will offend both sides, today.

I was riding in my car, as I dropped off my kids at their schools, today.  On the radio, the DJ was feeling guilty for having long hair as a man and was trying to justify it by referencing Jon Snow from Game of Thrones and other rockers and asked the public if long hair on a guy was "hot or not" to his audience.  One by one, they called in and said things like, "OH YEAH, it is SO hot!"

I felt completely betrayed and disturbed and had to process it for a little bit, having grown my hair out longer to look more FEMININE to match my gender personality.  After a bit of processing, I have several realizations and comments to make...

1.  Gender Norms are GOOD, even if they are seen in the Transgender fact..ESPECIALLY in that world, I would say.  People like having a general look that is declared Male or Female.  When people that are trans leaning try to normalize it for their birth sex, it destroys the whole CONCEPT of Gender.  If you like feminine things, be woman enough to admit you are feminine and not appropriate it.

2.  Which leads me to my second point.  Appropriation is bad.  Whether it be Christians taking pagan holidays and declaring it exclusively for them or men trying to take long hair or skirts (kilts), we need to stop letting people normalize the appropriation of an already established culture for their own. 

3.  People need to stop judging others for going the whole journey. Men have makeup compacts for their cammo paint or sports paint, wear kilts in Scotland, carry shoulder strap bags for their office things (NOT purses), and shave their body for a "swimmer look"...but it's WRONG for a man to do those things to look like a woman.

Indeed....all of this has convinced me that I need to start being more explicit in my femininity.  For me, it isn't just a fad.  It is intentional.  I grew up with toxic masculinity of those bullying me and condemning me for not being as toxic as them, which led me to hate anything masculine.  To let them NOW invade my world so that people seeing me would think my long hair is a MASCULINE trait is a last straw.  Whatever I need to do to express that I am NOT ONE OF YOU is what you can expect to see, as my style unfolds in the year to come.

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