Thursday, April 25, 2019

Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should - Learning to Simplify

Yesterday, I took time out of my busy life to begin to establish a side venture with a long term money making plan. It was something that I had been thinking about for a long time but never took the time to begin to learn about it. So, I just set aside time to learn how to do it and to begin to put it into practice. However, instead of it becoming another income outlet, it had a different impact of making me realize how much I need to slow down and simplify.

What I created was a character in Second Life, which is a virtual reality world. My PLAN was ... inspired by a few articles that I had read about something doing it ... to build up my character and buy a virtual house and rent it out or sell it, online. Some people have made a lot of money doing that or similar stuff on there. What was cool was also that I could create whatever character I wanted and as such created and styled a female character, picked out my personal house (not the one for sale), and began to decorate it.

I knew that I was far behind on the learning curve and needed to give myself time to learn the system and more. So, I told myself that it was ok that I was not working in that time that I was learning and excused myself from the high intensity that I have given myself for side jobs and house responsibilities. Ultimately, I concluded that it was more difficult to make money in that system than it would be in the real life, so I logged out and shut it off...feeling it was wasted time.

However, instead of feeling happy to jump back into my hectic life, I feel a lack...not necessarily for Second Life (although I will keep that character going). What I feel a lack for is time to do something without a financial purpose. Making money has been so important to my budget for years, so it is hard to do things...just for me. However, I need to do that.

Just because you CAN do something and find something that you CAN do for more money, doesn't mean you SHOULD do it..or at least not in addition to what you are already doing. Something must go for each addition to balance out your time and your serenity.

As this relates to me, I am ending postings on and for now. I am not deleting them and may return to them, later. I will continue to post things do their social media from time to time. I am also going to bring Amazon Mturk down to random use (instead of hours daily), since my Appen job makes much more, anyway. However, I am clearing those from my schedule to make more time for myself to enjoy BEING myself without a need to make money doing it, both in SECOND LIFE and my real one.

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