Saturday, April 20, 2019

New Free Book: Shhh..Lessons Learned in my Fall From Grace

I am re-releasing this book from last year with a new cover and after removing a section I am banned from sharing by the state of Oklahoma...  Get your download for FREE, today.

I am a former Liberty Trained Bible Evangelist and M.B.A. Degreed Accountant for a Fortune 20 company, and I learned a lot of real lessons of life, when I fell from grace by the outrage of noticing things are not how they were told, speaking out, and walking out. With this book, I present my real life testimonials of my experiences that lead me to see that family is not always "family," Evangelicals are not always "Christian," veteran are not always honorable, and more.

I hope this book inspires you to challenge your own assumption in your life, before you end up wasting too much of it living lies and missing out on the freedom, love, and peace you can find in the light.

Chapter 1 – The Church
Chapter 2 – The Bus
Chapter 3 – “Family”
Chapter 4 – The Bus Pt 2
Chapter 5 – Can I help you.. Get Of My Way
Chapter 6 – Ex’s
Chapter 7 – If this is Divine Plan God’s An Ass
Chapter 8 – The Lazy Poor?
Chapter 9 – Fool Me Twice
Chapter 10 –The FAVOR of Customer Service
Chapter 11 –Conservatives Dn’t Give, They Buy
Chapter 12 – A Veteran Challenging Veteran Preference
Chapter 13 – Wealth
Chapter 14 – The GOP Bubble – What They Hear
Chapter 15 – Religious Reich and Poverty in Tulsa, OK
Chapter 16 – The Virtuous Veteran Myth
Chapter 17 – Solutions

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