Thursday, May 9, 2019

Cultural Influence is Not a Mystery

People on the left often stand amazed that the Religious Right can so easily proclaim themselves as righteous, even as they do things that are clearly against the teachings of Christ.  They did we get to this place?

The Supreme Court has declared in the past that those that are in bigotry are always blind to their own prejudice.  I can confirm this, as someone that grew up in Republican, Evangelical midwestern states.  When I grew up, I went to church and felt very spiritual...filled with the Holy Spirit, even.  Then, I would go to school and the ball games and watch movies, and they were all what you would expect from midwestern culture...rebellion, fights, lust, and more.  However, we didn't SEE it as that.  We didn't CALL it that.

Today, I was driving in my car back from dropping off the kids and had the oldies station on that I like.  It is a great station with the good songs of the 80s and 90s, and they ARE GOOD for the most part.  However, the song that was playing is the one that has been used by ads and soundtracks that echoes..."I want my MTV" at the end.  As the song was going, I heard the words "Money for Nothing...Chicks for Free."  I KNEW those words were in the song, but not until THAT MOMENT was I aware that it was WRONG.  I just had not challenged it.

This was just another moment of realization that the things that I grew up believing as true was HORRIBLY distorted, similar to the stories that you can find in my book Shh...Lessons Learned in my Fall From Grace, which you can get HERE for FREE.

We need to wakeup that the "good old days" were not very good, and we are still a LONG way from redeemed from the sins of our ancestors.  Maybe at least our CHILDREN can be better in their lives and those of their children.

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