Saturday, May 18, 2019

The 3 Stages From Re-Birth to Freedom

As part of this radio station's mission, I plan to post thoughtful blogs on my experiences to help others along their path to freedom and happiness, even if their area of re-birth varies from my own.  The principles are the same.

The 3 Stages From Re-Birth to Freedom

As I was reflecting on my journey, I have identified 3 separate stages that we pass through, when we move from our re-birth to standing in true freedom.

1.  Private Experience and Exploration

So, the first important stage, through which we must pass is PRIVATE experience and exploration.  This is an important and needed stage, because we have spent our whole LIFE being told that we are supposed to BE or DO or LIKE as they SAY that we should.  No person coming out of that experience even knows fully their preference.  All they know is it is not like they say.  So, before they can "come out" (whether that be gender, sexuality, employment choices, political parties, religion choices, etc), they need to explore what they feel is true, without someone standing over them and shouting MORE direction.


Next, we have open defiance.  This is a loud and uncomfortable stage and is really the most difficult of the entire process.  It can last a while.  For me, it lasted YEARS for each of the areas of my change.  This is the period where we have the self-confidence and courage to SPEAK OUT, and it carries the anger of being deceived and controlled by those so long in others' influence.  This is where you have arguments, and the person states WHY they are doing what they are doing, loudly, while the other side argues just as loud to rein them back under their stereotype.  Both sides feel offended and feel it important to CONVINCE the other of their point.  The individual feels the need to make a public display of their choice, but it is often meant more for the critics than allies.

3.  Peaceful Liberty and Inspiration

Finally, after the second point runs its course, the individual reaches a point of peaceful liberty that is found in the person accepting A> the futility of trying to convince others and B> the severing of all ties of influence that others have upon them via guilt or control.  The individual finally feels that it doesn't MATTER what others believe for them to be happy, and they start LIVING their joy to themselves.  Those that reach this state of contentment without the presence of judgment may, then, move to want to change their public display of their choices from the presence of CRITICS to inspire and encourage others that are still on their journey.  It is at THIS point that they are truly free, being able to live in the peace of their interest, without internal criticism and external critics no longer bother them. 

THAT is the way someone completes the journey FORWARD to HAPPINESS, and I hope my messages and this station will inspire you as you step to your own beat down the path to your heart.

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