Friday, May 24, 2019

Time Management Part 2 - Functional Pace adjustments to the time management schedule from a few days ago.

Yesterday, we had a situation where we had to deal with the potential of pinworms in the house, coming from something we ate or brought in from outside the house.  As part of the treatment for that, I had to go out to get pinworm medicine at Target for everyone and had to clean the ENTIRE HOUSE, so that nothing that was touched could have eggs that could re-infest.  It took HOURS and left me too exhausted and sweaty for multiple social media times that I had scheduled.

The other thing that it did was highlight to me something that I was already thinking WHEN I did the time management plan to begin with.  I have a very busy life, and things happen ALL THE TIME to cause me to need a flexible schedule just to balance things.

So, I am going to keep doing (and in fact increase) things like Tik Tok,, Bigo, and such.  However, I am not going to do them on a set time.  I WILL keep doing the book reading times that I had begun, only I will not be doing them on the political blog but on this one's associated social  media, as it makes more sense and has a better audience.  So, tune in at 1:30 central on My TWITTER account and 2 pm central on my INSTAGRAM account (may have to follow me to connect to that one...I think) where I will be continuing to read my Awakened By Fireflies book, which in future days will be replaced by my other books, which I have put links to on my blog.

All of my ebooks are back on Amazon and have had paperback book options given as well (someone bought one of the paperbacks yesterday.. thanks :).  They are priced as low as I could do to cover costs and earn a very small royalty on top.

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