Thursday, June 20, 2019

A Soonercare Horror Story

If you have been following my Instagram or Twitter radio station/personal profiles, you have been aware of the Soonercare Horror Story that we have been living, but I felt it important to collect the information, to date, and put it on my blogs.

My wife suffers from a Herniated disc that has bothered her, since before we ever met.  However, the ravages of life on that disc have caused the condition to get worse and worse over the last year...6 months in particular.  She self-treated without contacting medical doctors, until her movement was limited, when we started trying to treat it....

1.  First, we contacted doctors that do home visits, because she could not stand....literally...or sit in a waiting room at a regular doctor, only to be told that Soonercare does not allow treatment (not just doesn't cover but doesn't ALLOW treatment) outside of the Primary Care Physician.  However, she couldn't see the PCP BECAUSE of her condition.

2.  This led to a major flare up and an ER and Ambulance visit.  However, the ER doctor told us that she definitely qualified for a new MRI and prescribed medications.  However, they said they couldn't do an MRI, there, because SOONERCARE required it to go through the PCP.

3.  So, we go to the PCP on the pain meds that the ER gave, where they concurred with the ER and gave her another week of meds, while they arranged for an MRI with Soonercare.

4.  Upon return, they told us that Soonercare STILL had not approved the MRI, but they got it approved, while we were there waiting, and gave us medications prescriptions to get us through that time.

5.  Which led to problem A today...even though the MRI location had an opening to see her, today, they could not see her, until SOONERCARE sent them approval, which takes 1-2 days.

6.  And, problem B... upon going to get the prescriptions, they said Soonercare would not financially cover them, because we had used up our allowed "punches."  Apparently, you are only allowed a few prescipts.  So, FIRST they wouldn't let them give more than 7 days of pills and THEN would not cover the next set of prescriptions.  Therefore, we were left with a 50 dollar bill.

So... a few conclusions that are evident.

This OKLAHOMA Healthcare program that is FOR poor people is DESIGNED to lead to requiring them to choose between paying drug companies money, when they are already POOR, or requiring them to live in pain (or worse..if it was another condition).

Secondly, it presumes that Oklahoma Congressmen know more about medicine than DOCTORS, because at every step the doctor's wishes were to scan and TREAT us, while being held back by laws made by Evangelicals that don't believe in science.  I mean..seriously.  What is the point of requiring someone to go through 7 years of schooling to be qualified to treat patients, if you refuse to let them treat the patients based on that training?

However, this is a picture perfect example of Republican, Red State, healthcare.  I suggest everyone vote Democrat in the next election, or your story could be next.

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