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Wednesday, June 12, 2019

But Is It Enough For YOU?

The last few weeks have been hectic, trying to keep all my balls in the air; however, it has also been educational.  Sometimes, we work so hard trying to achieve "success" and to reach goals we THINK we need that we make our lives much more difficult than they have to be.

For example, a half year ago or so, I established a plan of work+investment that would lead, ultimately, to buying the house we are renting within several years.  When it became clear that that goal was getting harder and harder to achieve, due to revised expenses levels, I worked harder and harder, doing many different jobs (most of which I still do).  However, even as I was putting more away, it was still clear that dream would never be a reality.  So, I tried adjusting my thinking to just saving enough to cover all current living expenses, until Social Security kicked in.  However, that plan...also...becomes difficult, once my wife's ex's child support ends in a few years.

This kicked off a period of feeling just....depressed and frustrated.  I was working as hard as one could do that ALSO needed to take care of 90 percent of household items, and my wife was unable to do more work or tasks, due to her physical limitations, leaving me with no solutions and feeling like I would be working two full time jobs worth of hours, until I likely would die from the strain and made sure my life insurance was up to date.

Then, yesterday, everything changed.  This was right after my wife had made a trip to the ER for her back spasm, and I was very aware that I needed to ensure our finances were covered in the event of something affecting her income in years to come.  So, I thought...well...maybe I can't buy THIS house, but could we buy A house, and I looked over the area for housing costs. 

As it turns out, a house back in the town I USED to live, Okmulgee (like 30 miles south of Tulsa) would be half the cost as it would be, here, and provide all the necessary pieces for a happy life, and we CAN afford it on my budget track within a few years.  As soon as we realized this potential, about half the stress on my back just melted away, and the work I felt was saving towards futility suddenly seems useful.  I have hope, again.

The point?  Consider the stresses you put on yourself in your life.  Are they necessary expenses to reach YOUR DESIRED happiness, or are you doing them to try to present an image or achieve the success of others.  Maybe, a simple adjustment in trajectory can improve not only your likelihood of reaching the goal but your daily existence in reaching it.

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