Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Enough with Quality, Already

If a book is read in an uninhabited forest, does it make a sound?

I have recently come to a shocking conclusion.  Quality is irrelevant.  I will pause, so you can have a mental freak out, before I explain.

Yesterday, I was mowing the last patch of yard from my mowing, last week, because I had to order a mower piece to complete it, and...then...couldn't get to it for lack of time.  Even yesterday, my day was packed, but I did it very quickly, anyway.  Upon coming in to the house, I announced, "It's not done well, but it's done."

That has become the running mantra of my life that is packed with things to do for years, now.  I TRY to do a good job with things, but the number of things I am doing keeps that from happening, leaving me feeling stressed and a failure.  The house is never fully clean or fridge stocked.   My weight loss hovers but does not fall.  My work is barely eaking out enough.  I balance everything but accomplish nothing, fully.

But...does it MATTER to even HAVE quality.  If I waited till I could mow that patch with quality, it would never get done.  If I waited till I could exercise fully, I would not do it.  Etc.  However, it's more than that.  Do OTHERS care about quality?

That is where my revelation came.  I realized that people don't buy quality.  They buy trends, and trends change quickly.  Even in the stock market, I realized (and will write about in a second in bootyfinancial.com that investors don't buy QUALITY stocks.  They buy stocks they believe will be POPULAR...trendy. 

Indeed, my highest quality fiction book to date is Awakened by Fireflies.  However, it has gained little compared to the controversial books, and Merry Christmas Holly and Noelle has had the MOST downloads, when it was free at Smashwords, and I will confess is my WORST book written...barely any backstory, undefined characters, bad dialog.  However, it tagged a few trendy concepts and bang.

So, my point of the day is this.  Stop trying to live up to a quality life.  You probably won't be able to do it, and no one is going to care if you did.  Instead, live a fun life that others want to experience.  Going for perfection will only ensure you never reach happy days, at all.

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