Saturday, June 29, 2019

Forward Pt 2

After concluding that the only way that I can live accepted and successful in this area is with a masculine man appearance and with a "job" to answer, when they say, "So, what do YOU do," I set out for the last 36 hours of intense job searching, only to conclude...I can't DO much more than I am already doing by way of limitation of time and tasks.  All I can do is more of it....a little at least...and add Textbroker back into the mix.  That way, I can say, "I'm a writer and digital contractor," which seems to satisfy anyone despite not paying that much.

Here are the main reasons I can't DO an employment job...

1.  Full time career jobs online require multiple continuous hours of work in a row.  My life keeping the home does not allow for that.  I rarely have more than 45 minutes that I can do in a row, without having to get up to....feed the dog, walk the dog to poop, start laundry, buy food, cook food, wash dishes, etc.  Some days....like the last several in a row...the dog can choose to not be cooperative, bringing my work time to a halt for over an hour at a time.

2.  As is the case for others living in poverty, every dollar I make more in pay is a dollar less in food stamps.  So....unless I am going to raise my income from my 300 per month to 900 per month, it will be a net increase of ZERO.


I still maintain that to be accepted in this state, I must be a MAN with a JOB (doesn't even have to pay well or be out of the house); however, my current list of activities will work as that job.  I just need to do MORE of the money related tasks and less of the personal ones (i.e....closing the LGBTQ profiles and the political post will be social media only (closing the blog).

I will also be spending more time on bootyfinancial.com as it is related to exactly what I will be doing...making money.

I will be amping up affiliate marketing ads for products on all of my social media profiles and promoting my books, daily, as well as writing new ones to sell.

I will be doing Mturk, Microworkers, and Textbroker daily to boost my income higher.

Finally, I have created a new blog and social media profiles for a new venture I have decided to attempt, though I am not sure if it will be successful.  It will be live chats giving people an empathetic ear and positive support for money, and the website will be www.happychat4you.com, which I will build up tomorrow to begin Monday.

As a result, I can increase my income a little in ways that should not affect my food stamps and give me a "job" to give others and an appearance that they will accept.  Just yesterday a man that always judged me for appearance was calling me "man" and totally accepted me for just having short hair.  And, the end result will STILL be buying a house away from Tulsa in 3 years and a house further away in 2026.  Once I buy the house in 3 years, the net effect in rent change should allow me to put more away at that point, even without food stamps, which will be eliminated at that point.

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