Friday, July 12, 2019

Butterflies - BE the Caterpillar

Today, I was thinking about butterflies, and I decided that I want that to be my new favorite creature, due to their progression and relation to my life.

A butterfly is not born a butterfly.  A butterfly is born a caterpillar.  It is born sluggish and bulky and rather plain.  For its entire period of life as a caterpillar, it must go about letting everyone judge it for being as it appears, even though it has a beautiful destiny that is a part of it's lifecycle.

I love this as a reflection of life.  Sometimes, you must live in a period that is difficult.  You may not LOOK like you feel, and everyone might think you are lesser and plain.  For transgendered people, you might feel the frustration of knowing that everyone SEES you as a gender that does not fit your personality, causing you to fight stereotypes all along the way....if you live in a community that is rooted in bigotry or prejudice.  However...that is just your caterpillar shell.

For some people, you might be able to change your shell (or might be able to change your circumstances) in your future.  For example, I intend to live in a community in the future that is welcoming to my diversity.  However, others cannot expect to change their circumstance in this lifetime.  I say in this lifetime, because it might be possible that life goes on after this life, where your soul wouldn't be TIED to the body that has been your jail.  Your next existence could be your butterfly.

However, even if that will never change in the future, I would challenge you to remember that you are NOT the person or the situation you find yourself in....but a caterpillar shell that is seen by other, any more than the caterpillar is that skin.  Who YOU are is the being that is within BOTH the caterpillar AND the butterfly, and that person has beauty that is not always evident to the looking eye. 

So, rather than judge yourself or your limitations, I suggest you look for ways to free your butterfly, every now and then.  BE the caterpillar, knowing you are a butterfly, underneath.

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