Friday, August 16, 2019

Five Experience Tips for Happiness

I thought I would put together a list of some tips that I have learned about the path to happiness.  My life wisdom is a work in progress, and I learn new things, every day.  This is an incomplete list...just a few.  However, life experience has taught me things are objectively matter in what situation you find yourself.

1.  Your path to happiness is as unique as you are.  Therefore, you must START by asking yourself what you truly like...apart from other people.  Only then can you know what to adjust.

2.  You must decide that path for YOURSELF...not for your experience in your environment.  Every good natured person will want to make others happy that are in their life.  However, my experience is that many of those people are oblivious to your needs and many do not care.  Also, there is a HIGH likelihood that they will not be in your life...or if they are will be in another way...10 years from your current day.  In my life, many people that I assumed would always be there for me would not stand by me when I was in need.  You need to decide what will make YOU happy and follow it.

3.  Your path will be slightly lonely, at times.  As you are unique, MOST others will not get you or your needs and will be unable to joy in them the same way that you can.  You will find shared interest with many, and it is good to develop social connections with others along those lines.  However, no one will share all of them, and some of your interests may be yours alone or of just a few.  That does not make them any less true or fulfilling.

4.  Happiness is NOT money.  In fact, it is often opposite.  Even among those that make more money, my experience is that they are working to BUY happiness, even as they complain about their managers.  Therefore, spending a lot of time MAKING money is spending a lot of time NOT being happy.  If you want more happiness in your days, you need to be ready to make less money.

5.  You must be willing to be rejected for your interests.  As the character says in quoting Epictitus in Serendipity, if you want to be happy, you must be "content to be thought foolish and stupid."  As most people will not share your interest, they will likely think you are wasting your time, based upon their own interests.  If may ALSO violate an internal or group standard they have for THEIR lives, but that does not change its truth in YOUR life.

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