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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Thursday, December 5, 2019

Feedback is Irrelevant to Value

Is something good because it is noticed, or is it good because it is inherently good?  That is a question that I believe is more and more important to be asked in our social media age.  So many people, myself included at times, fall into the trap of feeling that they must LOOK good or get AWARDS or make public their accomplishments, or they feel they do not have the value for them.  However, is that true?

In the Bible, Jesus had a different take on things, compared to this line of reasoning.  His words in the gospel was to do good without drawing attention to yourself.  He said to give without your left hand knowing what your right hand did.  He said to take the lowest places in public.  He said to give to those that needed, even if they didn't ask and MORE than they asked.  Why would he tell his followers to avoid personal recognition?  Did he not want them to feel good about themselves?

Indeed, what Jesus understood that we miss is that the goodness of an act does not depend on whether it is gratefully received or publicly attacked.  Giving to the poor is good, regardless of whether it is popular, noticed, or returned.  It is GOOD,  it is caring.  The VALUE is in the heart of the person that did the acts.

Similarly, when we do good to others, whether it be at work, in relationships, among friends, or just walking down the street and passing a homeless person....the VALUE of doing that good is not dependent upon ANYTHING other than that it is good.  Therefore, our PERSONAL VALUE and RESPECT does not depend on anyone other than whether WE feel good about ourselves for doing it.  Some people will notice it, but that does not give it value.  Other people will not, but that does not take away its worth.  YOU are worthy for doing it.

So, this Christmas season, as you give and live among all those around you, make an effort to RISE to do well to those around you, not because others deserve but because YOU deserve to be the best version of yourself.  At the end of the day, you can rest in peace, knowing that you have done the right things and been true to your values.

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