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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Forward to Happiness: Conclusion

Final chapter for my work in progress at Wattpad.  I will add links to my side column in the coming week to each chapter.  For now, you can just scroll down the blog to read the other chapters..


I feel that I have made my point, and I do not need additional chapters to illustrate my conclusions.  I have also decided that rather than publish this as a book or booklet, I am just going to leave it on Wattpad with links from my blog, so all of my visitors can read my advice for free.  Then, I will turn my attention to creative part because I would rather think about and do that than continue to spend time thinking about what does NOT work.

Here's the conclusion of the matter and the summary of my life's wisdom and experience:

Religious bodies are full of men that are more interested in their numbes and power than your needs or the needs of others.

Never apologize for being you.  If others have a problem with that, the problem is not yours but theirs.  Everyone is unique, and your success at being the best version of you will not be reached by being the best version of someone else or their expectation of you.  Pretending to be something that you are not will only lead to personal failure and judgment by those that never saw you to begin with.
Do what YOU want to do, not what others tell you is best for you to do.  Not only will that be more successful of a path for you, but your critics will likely not be in your life or even notice, when you finally do reach their goals for you.

Money will never satisfy, and the pursuit of it will likely cut away valuable time that you could have spent doing things that will make you happy.  Choose work that you enjoy, so you can have success ever day, regardless of the income that results or bills that arise.

Making more money does not always mean having less bills or more happiness.  It often come with MORE expenses and more debts that will linger on for the rest of your life.  It also means more healthcare costs that do not cover the hospital bills.  We all have accients, so having adequate healthcare coverage is a must.

Romance is like a drug that makes you feel great and tempts you into relationships with the hope of it remaining.  However, the reality is that the longer the relationship, the less romance happens and is replaced with a list of disappointments and failures by your partner, who feels you are not doing enough even if you are doing what you can.  The magic fades, and the best you can hope for is a good frind in the end, if you can keep that.

Life happens and is unpredictable, and poverty is a risk that we all face.  When it happens, few will be there for you, so they can maintain their perception that the poor are poor by choice and not by the failed providence of God.  Nor will they believe in your future, as they see your failure by comparison to their own achievements.

In the end, you will only have you.  No one else will remain, no matter the sacrifices you made for others.  They will busy themselves with their own life and their own desires, and you will be left with memories that does not mean anything.  In the search for happiness, you must choose one of two outcomes....

A.  Surrender happiness and accept that it does not happen, as many do as they get older and stop expecting good things for themselves, saying that is just how it is for everyone.


B.  Make it happen for yourself.  No one knows you or your desires, as well as you do.  No one else is going to value you reaching it, as much as you do.  Others are too busy to give your desires TO you.  If you want to have them happen, you need to identify them and MAKE THEM HAPPEN YOURSELF.  in the end, THAT is the only way to personal happiness...go get it for yourself and enjoy.

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