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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Forward to Happiness: Healthcare

From my work in progress at Wattpad.


Right now, my family is making very little, due to health concerns and limitations on work that limits the type of work that is done and the need for flexible hours.  Those kind of income sources typically pay less, and the more you make the more time structure requirements accompany the work.  However, that is not the only thing that comes along with higher paying jobs.  The other part is healthcare COST. 

Now, you may be thinking that it should be the reverse, considering how the debate over healthcare is presented.  Those that make MORE money would pay less, proportional to their income amount, than those that do not have the money for healthcare coverage.  That is not correct.  Let me explain...

Healthcare has become a HUGE expense, and the costs for procedures have skyrocketed.  It has reached the point that no poor person can afford the costs of going to the doctor, if paid out of  pocket.  To cover those costs, people buy insurance, rather than the government controlling rates for servies, as they DO in other industries.  However, since the costs to the insurance companiess to cover the costs are high, they must collect more from people that have coverage.

That is a huge huge burden, that I felt when I was working as an accountant with IBM.  I REJOICED that I was making over 20 dollars an hour with that job, until I noticed that I would be paying 1400 dollars A MONTH for healthcare coverage for the family.  Get that?   Do the math.  That means that nealy 17 THOUSAND of that income increase was lost cost, just to cover healthcare.  That just covered HAVING insurance.  If something happened, I was still responsible for the deductable.  When My daughter had to go to the hospital, I ended up with a 6 thousand dollar bill for uncovered charges.

Then, I lost the job and began making so little that I was able to qualify for poverty aid healthcare, Medicaid, in my state.  Suddenly, I was FULLY covered with NO fees and NO deductable.  When my wife needed the coverage, it was there.  It came with restrictions but it was there with the above 17000 dollar positive compared to above and no 6 thousand dollar deductable to pay. the math.  Unless I am able to make 23 THOUSAND dollars more per year than my current income, I am running in place with NO NET INCREASE....IF it is even possible for us to get healthcare at the higher rate, since she would be coming INTO the policy with a pre-existing condition, which usually means she would get NO COVERAGE at the higher rate at all.

Our system is designed to make poverty LITERALLY more financially realistic for families than having a job, because the poor get covered healthcare for their needs if they apply (which they should).  The problem is not that they get coverage, because the converse is that the infirmed and poor would be cast out on the street to die.  The PROBLEM is that this benefit is not given to ALL PEOPLE or at least those under 100 thousand dollars, making it financially advantageous to make more in the first place.  Until that system is in place, I am perfectly content to make just enough to pay my bills enough to be happy.

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