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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Forward to Happiness: Money

From my work in progress at Wattpad.


The last section was about Work, so you might be thinking isn't money the same thing?  Well, all sections overlap a little, but this is about how money plays into the mentality of work annd everything else in our lives.  In the right mentality, it can be useful.  In the wrong mentality, it becomes toxic, I have learned.

Everybody has to work, not just to pay your bills but to feel purpose and direction.  I learned this when my back was giving me major issues that affected my ability to do work that I used to do.  I had to take it easy, and it didn't take me long to begin to feel useless, pointless.  We all have a need to be needed to be productive and to be valued for something.  That is the reason that we spend so much time trying to figure out what our "career" interests are, and it can be a useful search, if you are allowed to make the decision based upon interests and not by being pressured into money making jobs, as I was at the beginning.

However, a structured plan to reach your money goals in your occupation soon becomes a noose, if you are not careful.  If you do as I do and start doing the math on how much you are making over expenses and how much you need to make to reach your goals, you will find yourself feeling STRESSED, ALL THE TIME, and you will feel like you are failing, if you do not meet your artificially created standards.

The reality is that NONE of those standards are as important as your happiness in the job or your health.  I remember reflecting on that when an accountant at my job died from the stress of the job at one of my jobs.  Now, she would not reach her standards, because she was DEAD.  By worrying over not making enough, she was now not making anything and couldn't enjoy anything.

We have not just personal standards but society ones, and we often feel that we are failing if we are not making as much as others in our field or our age group or such, when ALL of our incomes by comparison to other countries and TRILLIONS of people that have lived in the past centuries are high by comparison.  We are just more expectant and entitled on what things we feel that we should have.

Further, if you are doing a good job at a company that is providing a necessary service or product to others or one that betters their lives, you have not failed to THAT PERSON, if you did the job right.  And, if you do the job in a way that you are enjoying doing it and not condemning yourself for not reaching a level, you have not failed YOURSELF, either.  Living a life that pays your expenses and makes you happy is a SUCCESS and one that many others making much more will not reach at all.

Money does not make an entry in many tv shows or movies.  People don't want to watch a family tv show in which people are talking about how much they made or want to make to buy things.  Indeed, MOST family tv shows don't show the people on the show working, EVER, causing you to wonder how they would pay their bills.  On Star Trek and other scifi shows and movies, the people in the show do their tasks because they are good at them and for the sake of the crew or community, without mentioning ONCE how much they make or showing them spending anything but rather living a life more closely aligned with communism than capitalism in fact.

So, of course those on the show are happier and feel more purpose and life.  They are not thinking about BILLS or what they might be able to buy that others cannot.  Instead, they are just living LIFE and enjoying interacting with those around them. 

I have determined that for the rest of my life, no matter how long that might be, I plan to follow the same mentality, as those on the shows or of this mindset.  I will still work, for income and purpose, but I will do it because I like doing it and life the benefit that I can provide to others.  Then, no matter how much I make, every day will be a success.

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