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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Thursday, December 12, 2019

Forward to Happiness: Religion

From the development of my new book at Wattpad...


My whole life, I have connected to the deeper truths and meanings in the universe, and my heart has driven much action, as I tried to make the world and those around me more happy. This has at times led me into personal landmines; however, it has reflected a deep truth that has given me hope at many times in my life...including currently. Namely ...Good EXISTS. Love exists. Hope exists. How do I know? I know because I hold it in my heart.

This universal truth is one of the things that led me into the study and practice of religion.  Unlike many that seek religion only as a coping mechanism for past emotional wounds or a clean slate to ease their guilt, I sought out religion from the perspective of wanting to understand and connect with the good in the universe...a GOOD that I believe in from God.

Yet, I began to participate in Chistianity, the love that I saw in the world was elusive.  They SPOKE of the love of God, often.  They TALKED about the love Jesus and their desire to be like Jesus.  However, that was not what I saw in their practice.  As I searched, I changed religious bodies, trying to find the exception to the patterns that I was seeing, much like we do in searching for that one GOOD man or woman in the sea of rubbish.

Yet, the story remained the same, only presented a little differently.  Rather than being out in the street with the poor and needy, as Jesus lived and instructed, I saw them singing songs in building walls that separated them from them.  Rather than following Jesus parable to take in the man on the street or give them their coats, they passed on the other side of the street and sung praise that they were "blessed" to not be as bad as those they saw.

There was as time, when I saw churches that would park a food collection bus on their property for donations or collect for needy charities.  However, the current collections that I see all around me are done by non religious or other religious charities.  Yesterday, I shared on my page a link that I saw to the local witchcraft group meeting to raise money and serving as a pickup point for items for children, elderly, and the disabled.  Yet, I have not seen a SINGLE one of the "christian" members share church events for the same this year.

However, I don't blame current Christians for what they are doing.  For that matter, I don't limit it to Christianity.  I think the answer to why we see such double faced hypocrisy in the church named after Jesus is that RELIGION itself is based upon the corrupted basis that GOD, as Creator, WANTS to destroy his creation.  It is a belief that has inspired EVERY religion over time to debate HOW mankind needs to appease the God that wants to destroy everything...

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