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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Happy Holidys - Site Updates

Happy Holidays, no matter what holiday you celebrate, or may you have peaceful days, if you do not celebrate.

A few site notes:

In the past week, I closed my social media accounts and am deleting the blog.  However, I still want to give tips to those that need money as to where they can find a little here or there or potentially more.  So, I brought my Treasure Chests tab from that blog and put it as a page on this one.  See the money tips tab at the top of  I have also added a page of my books to this site, as well.  So, if you are interested, you can find them there.  However, the foundational boo for this site, Forward to Happiness you can read for free at Wattpad, and I have left an image link at the upper right hand of this site to it for you to read.

Personal notes:

As frustrated as I get with Appen for their payment issues, project tech issues, and the fact that they suddenly went queue empty for a full month in December; I have concluded from online search that there is no other source with as many projects for the height of pay for flexible online work as them.  Therefore, I will be continuing my work there.  However, I plan to start doing rideshare and food delivery driving in January to supplement the income, especially in case the work suddenly dries up, again.

I toyed with the idea of doing a full book page or a photography page, again.  However, after a lot of thought, I have decided against it.  Not only is it difficult to get sales with either online, but my time is limited, especially if I want to enjoy my days. 

As my relationship with my wife has adapted to the realities of our situation, I am finding more need and time to re-establish my personal desires and interests, and that process is smoothing out.  It is really easy to get sucked into spending a lot of time trying to fix or adjust to make something work.  However, once you accept realities in ANY situation, it becomes more peaceful and liberating to find joy, again.  As this site is all about moving forward to happiness, I would suggest that everyone examine what areas of their OWN lives should be trimmed back to find greater joy in other realms.

Two of our children are at one ex, and the other one goes to my ex in less than a week.  I am doing my best to stifle the feelings of resentment, as this ex that pays no child support gets to play mom and give her bribe gifts that exceed mine and give her sleepovers with kids she barely knows all to make her want to move away from the house she helped make poor.  Sigh..but why EVER did I divorce her...ha!

May you have a great holiday.  I will resume posting on the new year.

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