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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Thursday, December 26, 2019

My New Moon / Eclipse Tarot Reading

Last night, our planet had a fun celestial event.  At the same time, It was a new moon, while much of the Earth was able to see an eclipse.  So, I took advantage of the energy of the event to do a little spellcraft.  I don't nearly do it, enough, and I need to be doing it more than these events.

However, after a period of meditation, spell circle forming, spelling, and receiving; I felt led to do not only a 3 card past-present-future reading but a full Celtic Cross layout...

That is the deck I use, at present.  I like the artwork on it.  If you like it, you can get the deck and explanatory book HERE, though I used other online sources for reversed meanings, below, as they are not in the book.

Anyway, Here are how my cards turned up.

3 Card Layout

Past - The High Priestess (inverted) - Literally means stop and reflect / trust intuition.
Present - The Tower (inverted) - Undergoing a personal transformation / systematic and foundational change.
Future - 10 of Cups - Harmony, Alignment, Wholeness, Blissful Relations With Others

Celtic Cross

1. Present - 3 of Pentacles (inverted) - Disharmony, Working Alone
2. Influence - 8 of Wands - Movement forward, Change
3. Past Issues - 2 of Pentacles - Multiple Priorities, Juggling Responsibilities
4. Immediate Past - The Chariot (inverted) - Opposition, Wrong Choices Led to Dead End
5. Crowning Thoughts - 9 of Pentacles (inverted) - Self Worth Focus
6. Immediate Future - Knight of Cup (inverted) - Analysis / Planning and Preparation for Action
7. Fears - Page of Swords (inverted) - Holding Back.. Fearing Taking Action
8. Environmental Factors - Queen of Pentacles - Balance Between Work and Care of Family
9. Hopes - Ace of Pentacles - New Beginnings, Potential, Abundance
10. Outcome - 6 of Cups - New Relationships, Creativity, Compassion

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