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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Monday, December 30, 2019

New Attempt at Amazon Affiliate

If you have been watching my social media, you know that I have tried multiple ways of doing affiliate marketing with Amazon.  However, it usually took up too much of my time for too little response.

I am going to try it, again, but slightly different.  I have added banners to many different aspects of Amazon that are beneficial for Prime members.  I plan to start posting pictures of shows, music, magazines and more that are free with the membership and just leave the banners on the site to be clicked by anyone interested.

Today, I would like to highlight something that I use myself.  If you are receiving Snap food stamp ebt benefits, you can use that number to sign up for Prime for only 5.99 monthly.  For that price, you get several free magazines to read, music to stream, and enough tv shows and movies to make up for not being able to afford cable...all for the low price.  For that, you also get free next day shipping on low cost items, too.

Amazon gets  bad reputation for its wealth and lack of taxes, and that is justified.  However, they are doing THIS for those that are poor, and how many other companies discount for that reason?

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