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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Friday, December 6, 2019

One More Time...With Feeling

I am giving the entire website, social media, and ALL of my projects a new birth of sorts.  I had pulled back from social media and my books, affiliate projects, and more based upon feeling like a failure at reaching the effectiveness for them that I felt they would achieve and for the MAIN problem that I CARED whether others liked them at all.

And, that leads me into the why and how of rebirth.  I have been giving too much credence to the value that others gave to me and my works, as being a reflection on my OWN value, both in my personal life and in the fruit that it produced online. 

Ironically, I was posting, often, how you should not do that, and I WAS applying it to how I treated SOME people who had done me wrong...saying that they should not have an impact on your choices, which is true.  However, the same is true for those that have NOT done bad things to you.  They STILL should have no impact on what YOU choose to do with your life, even though it may mean that you need to adjust which ones you rely on for what you need.

For example...someone may be a great listener but bad at giving comfort.  Then....don't rely on them for comfort!  Someone may share several of your interests but cannot understand your family stressors or celebrations.  The point is that almost NO ONE is going to give you all that you need, and the majority of those close to you will MISS many things that YOU find important or desire to have in your life.

Also, as I said in the last post, the VALUE of those things that others miss is not limited by the fact that others missed them, and YOUR value in having or displaying them is not reduced by those that cannot appreciate them. 

SO, I will be re-launching and doing many of the things that I have pulled in the past, because I LIKE THEM, whether or not they are popular or purchased.  They have value, because I PUT HEART and FEELING into them.  I will also be dropping all pretense of who or what I am and being myself more fully, whether or not that is accepted by people locally or online.  I ALREADY face criticism online and in public, but I can at least be happy with myself, while I do it.

I will probably be resuming my driving job in the next month as an income source, as only income alone is proving to be a landmine.  However, I welcome you to follow along and share the joys and discoveries that I find in moving FORWARD to HAPPINESS.

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