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Forward to Happiness Radio

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Uber and Postmates Law Reveal Desire to Deprive Workers

Uber, Postmates, and a few other companies sued the state of California over their law to require workers to be treated as workers, instead of independent contractors, and I want to highlight some of their OWN WORDS from that lawsuit to show you what they really desire....

In point number 23 of their filing, they oppose the idea that they would be subjected to another lawsuit, which had concluded that law (in the words of that prior lawsuit)  "impose obligations relating to the minimum wages, maximum hours, and a limited number of very basic working conditions (such as minimally required meal and rest breaks) of California employees."

Oh, the HORROR.... people would have legal protections demanding they be paid fairly, not be overworked, be given paid breaks, and such that are given to EVERY OTHER WORKER..

The lawsuit begins with the benefits of flexibility given to workers to make money or add to their money, and they say that the lawsuit is an attack on the whole set of benefits, suggesting that to be forced to PAY them more would end those benefits...essentially telling workers that the LAW is the one that is attacking workers and trying to get them on their side by way of fear, saying on another area that if the law went into affect that hundred of thousands would lose their jobs, which ignores the fact that everyone will still need driver and the company executives are paid ENORMOUS bonus packages, yearly.

When January comes, I will be driving for companies like this, as one means of my income. I am INDEPENDENT, as they love to point out, I have a voice to protest, and wrong is wrong.  It is wrong that they are allowed to advertise rates above minimum wage but fight laws that require them to pay that wage, just like every delivery company with employees have to do.  It is wrong for them to use fear and extortion to silence their drivers so that execs can profit.  It is wrong that workers providing essential services to citizens are not provided the same protections as those citizens. 

Uber and the other companies involved in this lawsuit are wrong, and I hope they lose their case for the good of their own workers.

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