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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Lazy Contractors or Lazy Employees?

One of the thing that bothers me a lot that I mentioned in my free books at times is the perception that online or home workers are lazy.  You see this a lot.  Higher paid employees look down on those that are self employed or people that work at home and suggest that they are just lazing around watching television, while they are hard at work in offices.

Well...let's cut the B.S.  I have done both, and we BOTH know that is bull.  Employees are among the LAZIEST workers I have seen.  When I worked at IBM, I listened to long chats about football or women or what they saw or had on Pinterest.  When I was at Sutherland, I watched a manager hitting on a girl and talking about what Netflix show she was watching FROM HER COMPUTER.

However, even apart from people that were supposed to be working and was not, there is the first few weeks of work and technical issues in the office.  In every place that I worked, people were paid from the moment they stepped into the door, even if they would be spending WEEKS reading training manuals and waiting on their computer accounts to be activated.  When they were up and operational, they would still be paid whenever the server was down, preventing access to work, and during meetings.

However, NO ONE working from home gets paid for ANY of that.  NO pay for training.  NO pay for setup.  And, when there are technical issues preventing work from being able to be completed, no one is paid.  If I were in an office, I would have been paid when Appen's technical issues prevented me from working for a month and a half, instead of trying to make money happen in its place.

So, we need to establish a common comparison and reward system.  Either start paying home employees for all those things that people in the offices do, or let's start cutting pay for workers at places of work that are not, actually...working.

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