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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Links to my books....

As I prepare to begin writing my new book, a post with info and links to my prior works, available for download and reading at, whether or not you have a can read it in the browser or a free Kindle App on your phone or device, as well.

Radio Free Diatria

The year is 2059, 40 years after the Reign of Blood wars began, which had through ego and arrogance decimated the world’s population to a fraction of what it had previously been.

After the Global Community Force brought peace to what remained, a few generations have passed, knowing only the absence of war, technological advancement, and the prosperity among those in the new capitals of commerce and civilization. Global Force expansion has stretched outward from the planet and established lunar mining colonies, as well.

The people of Earth felt they had evolved past the destructive natures that had destroyed their planet’s past, and all records of pre-Global Force days had been destroyed to ensure they were not repeated. However, without studying their planet’s past, they might risk having to re-learn them.

This is the setting in which we begin to follow Kate's story, as she navigates love and life in a city where things are not always as they seem and happiness can come where you least expect it.

Main Characters

Kate Meanders – daughter of two lunar scientists on the colony of Alphaz. Top of her engineering class, she has been elevated to work at the regional capital Diatria, where she has been working for a year.

Captain Richard Rowan – A playboy, project-manager at Kate’s location, responsible for the construction and repair of items tasked to Diatria, often too busy chasing women and partying to get anything done.

Mayor McKinsey – Longest running mayor in Diatria history, under whose reign economic success and glamour had abounded for his city.

Becca Lasiter – News Reporter at New Diatria Press, one of the leading newspapers in the region.

Rachael Meanders – Kate’s cousin living on Earth, away from the busy city of Diatria in Exliting Falls province.

Ben Jones – Rugged and grounded friend of Rachael’s with an inviting heart and surprising past


He Said What?

A maturing society, coming of sexuality #metoo story. Amy grew up in a toxic situation, which drove her to achieve to escape. However, the dream she pursued quickly became a nightmare, as she faced her own #metoo moment in the executive, corporate world.

When everything falls apart, her connection to an old friend could be just what she needs for her career, her heart, and for others like her.

Merry Christmas, Holly and Noelle

Once upon a time, a young girl believed in true love. She believed that some day she would meet the perfect man that would come into her life and see her for herself and fall in love with what he saw. Then, Noelle grew up.

Life became busy, and others became busier. Soon, she forgot her dream about finding true love, because no one saw her for who she fact... no one saw her at all. So, Noelle grew up, alone. That was ok, because she was better off alone than with those that only seemed to cause her pain. However, the quiet of the dark night would bring back the voice of the child still calling into the night for her romantic connection.

Yet, the land of adult version of Noelle had shown more frogs than princes for this princess. Heartache after heartache, she never seemed to find the right person. Yet, she held out hope, and that hope birthed the greatest betrayal of all.

Shortly after high school, Noelle met someone that seemed to get her, and she felt that life would FINALLY start for her dream relationship. Yet, six months into her marriage, she was dejected and alone IN a relationship, which was the beginning of years of hell where she did not believe in divorce but lived without faith in love, itself. It would be over a decade, before she would get up the courage and self respect to tell her husband that it was over.

That was a few years ago, and Noelle reflected upon how the events had fallen, as she watched the snow flakes landing upon the park and the bench that supported her. What would become of her, now?

This is the story of restoration, hope, and life that can happen, when and where you least expect it. With a little supernatural nudge from an angel, Noelle finds just that on Christmas eve, with enough heat and passion to light a hundred holiday candles.


An educated study of the overlap, between Christianity and witchcraft, practical applications, and Scripture readings for the beginning Christian Witch.

Table of Contents
-Help for the Hurting - Faith and Witchcraft
-What is a real witch? (join the force)
-Oh PAGAN True, Oh Pagan Tree
-Words Have Power / Secure Your Home
-The POWER to breathe, walk, and etc
-The Magic of Life
-What it means to make "positive" choices...
-Peace in the Storm.. Light in the Dark
-Diversity Is Magical
-Innocent Witches & They Who Burn Them
-Christians Need Their Devil

Practical Applications
-Lucky Charms and Habits
-Binding and Loosing (Faith and the Craft)
-Love and Romance
-The Biblical Practice of Casting Lots
-Amulets and Talismans
-Knotting Spells
-Casting a Spell Circle
-Witch Jars

The Godwitch Christian Devotional

You may be saying, "This is a WITCH Christian Devotional?...I thought Christians hate witches." That is part of the problem. Christianity is being defined by institutions of men, rather than the Biblical message of Jesus.Next, you may be saying, "Who are you to speak on the Bible?" Well, as much as a Bible degree gives THEM credibility to speak, I have the same, B.S. in Religion (Bible Studies Concentration) from the Evangelicals own favorite university, Liberty University, founded by "moral majority" Jerry Falwell, Himself. Even though, few of the loudest voices among Evangelicals even have a degree from any university.However, I do NOT expect you to believe MY words but the WORD they call infallible...the Bible.

This book is a collection of Scripture from the Bible on the fruit of the Spirit, as well as topical collections for use in prayer/spelling sessions. It is not intended for attack on Evangelicals, even though the verses provide an excellent way to shut down their condemnation of you.My goal in my first book, Godwitch, was to illustrate the connections between Christianity and Witchcraft, and this book is meant to provide a means of spiritual connection for witches, lesbians, gays, transgender, the divorced, and more. Jesus doesn't hate you.

In fact, as this book illustrates, he died for you and his message is an open door of love and a message of condemnation of those that would shut that door.May you find it useful in quiet reflection, meditations/spelling/prayer sessions and deepening your connection to the power of the universe, which is waiting to act on your behalf.

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