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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Sunday, January 19, 2020

Maintain the Byline

I have learned a lot of lessons in my pursuit of online income and self employment in the modern age.  One of them of which I am just now becoming more aware is the need for personal recognition.  I have generally had a sacrificial nature of a servant, so I am always doing things and thinking I don't need recognition for it, whether it be in context of personal favors or work.  I am learning more every day why that is a mistake.

Let's use writing as an example.  A few years ago, I began writing as a freelance project, and I was following the old rules of writing the article, submitting it to the publications and waiting months to hear back on whether it was accepted or not.  However, I learned that most publications had turned to content mills that bought articles cheap from writers that wrote it anonymously.  How could I compete with cheap and easy content like that?  So, I signed up, thinking that I could at least make money for doing what I liked to do.

The problem is that while that is true and you can make some money at it, you are writing without credits and no one knows you did it.  You retain no CREDIT for it, outside of your own mind and bank account, so no one will come to you for more content.  Further, if you decide to leave the content mill....for example when mine lowered my rates of cannot take those articles WITH you as writing ability proof to the next writing business.

It is the same way with data entry or many other contract employment positions that I have been doing.  They do PAY you for your work, but you cannot take that with you as work experience that counts to any other place, because neither you nor the company can talk about it.  My few books that I have written may not have had much in terms of sales (thought many downloads for free), but I can at least look at them and promote them as MINE.

This is true of not only writing but other areas of life.  It all sounds well and good when you get paid for your work as reward, but my advice to you would be that as you do that, make time for some personal works for personal credit, as well....even if free.  Your self esteem and resume will thank you.

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