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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

New Year, New Financial Mission

Last year, I ran a website called and related social media to focus on how to make money online.  The longest lesson I learned from that is that you can't make money running a website on how to make money online, and I decided to use my time actually making money.

However, I want to begin to chronicle my efforts and discovery in using the sources of income that I list in my make money online tab on this page.  So, I am creating a series of articles that will appear in a new Tab, dedicated to following this journey.

Catching Up

First, let me do an update on my changing income streams and learned lessons.  I am in the process of trying many new income apps and projects, and I have concluded AGAINST some that I have used and referred in the past.

Appen - Allow me to begin that by saying you need to stay FAR away from Appen.  It is poorly run and presents many false assumptions.  The first assumption that they present is that you can make 9 dollars on a task or 12 dollars on a task per hour.  That would only be true if A> you get access to the project, B> you can work the hours listed, and C> you were paid for all your time in the project.  Let me explain why all of those assumptions are false.

When you get accepted into a task with Appen, you must pass an exam.  That takes time of preparation and taking that is not compensated.  Then, you must wait, after passing, to be offered a position and to be given access to the project, if ever.  I currently have a dozen of projects that I am qualified to do but never got access.  Then, each project I have done has a queue that kept running dry, such that multiple weeks of the month, there is nothing to WORK for a day ...or days...or weeeks.  I am currently at 6 weeks of no work with promise of it coming any day on a project.  So, when you are considering how much they pay, you must not only consider the hours of work that are paid but the hours you spend waiting and sitting with no work but having to be free of other jobs to work at moments notice of their return.  In my estimation, it would be more like 2-3 dollars per hour, averaged over months of work and wait....if that...and don't even get me started on issues they have PAYING you for what you worked.  So...stay away.

From what I gather, Lionbridge is not necessarily much better, which many use to say that everyone should just suck it up and take it.  I'm not a shut up and take it kind of person.  So, I plan to, instead, spread out my work among many microtasking and flexible projects that are done at the same time.  I have already been doing mturk, microtasking, scratchoffs, usertesting, and more.  In the coming weeks, I will be adding captioning, transccription, phone work, and writing to the list.  Then, if any stream runs dry, I can switch over to others.

So, thanks for following along and make sure to enjoy using the links provided in the make money tab, yourself.

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