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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

Online Life is Real Life

For all the criticism people get for spending time online, we are at a time in society that more ways of living have become online primarily.

For those that don’t know, I work online.  It wasn’t so much a job I chose as one that happened by necessity.  

I had been working first as an accountant (which I hated.. corporate = death).  I got upset that I was literally working the job of 4 people (number it took to replace me) and was being denied helpers and blamed for inadequate work.  So, I quit, only to find my employability tarnished by them giving me a bad reference to prospective employers.

Then, I started working as an Uber/Lyft driver, which was cool for a while.  You get to meet a lot of cool people.  However, the job soon took a tole on my health and vehicle, leaving me with back spasms and no car.

Out of necessity, I looked into online work options, and it took a while to separate the good options from the bad ones. However, I make more per hour now than I would at many jobs out of the house... tho that is an achievement for anyone online.  It also fits the DVR like requirements of my life to pause and take breaks for groceries or food or more.

However, online life IS the majority of my life (and others lives) in other ways, as well.  Today, I have ordered groceries to be delivered, online.  I communicated with friends, online.  I read news, online.  I watched #tv on #hulu for lunch and will watch tv online, tonight.  I have been writing this blog on an app, while I was doing other things (in a sentence at a time).

Very few things, nowadays, are done, offline.  I even dated in the past, online, and to be honest ... online is a great way to explore and consider and enjoy personal pleasures or gender interests without condemnation or strings.

So... pick up your phone or go online.  You might find a lot more life than is around you and might find, like me, your online self is more in line with your true self than offline.

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