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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Sunday, February 2, 2020

A few money making opportunities...

In the month of January, I ran into financial need, as my current appen projects at the time had failed me...again.  Being tired of living subject to the erratic unexpectedness of that company, I decided to spread my wings into companies with which I already had a relationship and explore new ones... ironically but not connected at the same time I was dealing with the same change in personal relationships.

So, here are some additional links and info for you to consider.

Lionbridge - They are similar to Appen.  In fact, many projects at Appen go by another name at Lionbridge and use the same training materials.  I have heard they share some problems with Appen, but I am betting it is not as bad support.  Indeed, with them, you get a notice far in advance of exams, a guide and video to prepare you, and the pay far exceeds Appen per hour.  I just got approved (2nd time on the exam and didn’t even get to the exam on two other Lionbridge apps).

Teemwork - previously Isoftstone, I like this company.  I did not qualify for the project of my choice, but the system was simple and support responded within the same day to questions.  They also pay more than Appen.

Rev - My new captioning/transcription site.  I am new to the job, and this is one of the places open to newbies.  It pays low, but I think I could easily exceed what I make at Amazon Mturk with less thinking...other than...WHAT did they say?

UserTesting- This is currently on my list, but I want to emphasize it.  In January, I was making about 50 bucks a week, doing 1 tasks per day... tho you will filter out of a lot more.

Slow, small, steady things you should be doing every day...

I have listed some of these on my money tab and will be adding the rest, but here are some things you should be doing ... one note: the scratch off apps ONLY lead in gift cards in non-iPhones.  I think they must have a rule against them.  I won’t link to all of them, now.  Links will be added later.  So... bing them.

Bing Search Engine - I use bing for my work search engine and personal and get points for even reading news stories.  About once a month, it leads to a 5 dollar gift card to a lot of different places.

S’more and Giftloop.  I use both of them on different devices, and I get a dime or more on each, daily, just for letting them run on my lock screen.

Mobile Performance Meter - let this run in the background of your phone for 10 cents+ daily.

Neilson - let this run in the background of your laptop for 5 dollars a month.

Scratch Offs: Good Luck, Lucky Money, Lucky Go, Lucky Night, Lucky Dollar, Lucky Now, Golden Time, Lucky Level, Lucky Cat, Lucktastic  ... all of these on Android have you watch ads between scratch offs and give you tokens you can redeem at certain levels for gift cards paid out of the ad money you made for them.

Playspot - sorta like Appflame I have previously recommended..which is having issues now.  You play games from inside the portal and earn points towards gift cards.

Ibotta- I waited too long to try this.  If you spend a lot of time shopping for groceries or other items, you are leaving money on the table to not have this app.  It even works for dollar stores.  Simply, buy the items, take a pic of the receipt and voila... money.

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