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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Tuesday, February 4, 2020


I have been running on a time management schedule over the last few weeks, because it helps me keep track of my many freelance tasks and manage my life to allow me to get to everything...mostly.  There is a lot to be said about consistency that those for who I work could learn.

For example, I have been ...AGAIN..having to go back and forth with Appen to try to get my invoice right, as they are at present undercutting my pay by a hundred dollars.  This has become the norm with Appen, and it has me looking for a replacement for the entire company.  I have already set up multiple backups and am supposed to start with Lionbridge, soon.  However, I WAS planning on staying with Appen as a piece of my puzzle.  No more.

Someone working at a company should not have to do all the work FOR the company, as relates to finance, technical issues, and induction.  A professional company would welcome you on board, train you for the tasks, give you incentives, and PAY YOU ON TIME.  You shouldn't have to monthly DO YOUR OWN INVOICE for hours that they KNOW you worked, because they evaluate your invoice to make sure you added all your hours.  You should not have to send screen shots of your work time in ONE program, so they can pay you in ANOTHER site.  Finally, you shouldn't have to be lucky that ...yes...THIS TIME...they will reply to your email.

I have suggested before that you do not bank on Appen, and I am working my way out of the company at all.  Everyone needs consistency in their lives and people on whom they can trust...there are so few of them, nowadays.  What you DON'T need is doubt that you will be rewarded for the work you did or having to do the work of someone else who doesn't even notice you.  If I WANTED to do accounting, I could get paid a lot more to do it....and I am giving a LOT of thought to doing that, again....since it appears that, whatever, I do, I am still going to have to systematically arrange people's mess for them, anyway.

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