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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Friday, February 7, 2020

Work for Appen If You Want To Work For Free

I just went through a week and a half of back and forth with Appen over hours that I worked that were not recorded as rating hours in their SRT program, only to have the invoice in the end approved WITHOUT the hours and UNPAID.  The problem has, also, got worse.  I just finished working an hour that at the end of that hour NONE of it counted as rating time...meaning I just worked for free.

So, I emailed them to tell them to remove me from the project.  It is the end of a LONG process of problems with this company, as you know from my warnings.  I had remained with it, due to the promises of fixing things and new projects that promised to be different.  However, working for Appen is like being in a bad relationship.  You are attracted by their words that sound so good, but they are just words they know you want to hear.  Then, once they have you, they ignore all of your personal needs, blame you for everything that goes wrong, and you have to argue with them to be able to spend any of the money you earned.  I had remained for MORE of the promises, while looking for a replacement.  However, there is no reason to remain and work if the work will be unpaid.

In total, I worked 43 hours over the last two weeks.  Of that 43 hours, they counted 28 for pay.  So, let's do the math.  28x9 dollars an hour is 252 dollars.  However, 252 dollars divided by the REAL hours of 43 is only 5.86 per hour, which I can easily make from Mturk, Textbroker, or other sources.

So, before you consider committing to Appen,, be aware of what you might be facing.

However, as I was offered a job from Lionbridge a week ago but have not only not been sent the next step email but are also finding every email i send them non replied....don't count on them, as well.  I am spending the rest of the day looking for more replacements.

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