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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Friday, April 10, 2020

Future Focus

I have settled on the new focus for my blog and for myself, and I wanted to explain the changes that you will be seeing.

First, I have collided my trans profile and happiness profile as they intersect.  I woke up this morning thinking that I needed to plan backwards from the happiness that I WANT, instead of forward from the mess of my current situation.  As such...rather than be frustrated that I live in an area with strong prejudices and judgments if I depart from the stereotypes, I am looking forward from the place I WILL live in the future.

As you know from past posts, my wife and I reached a point, last year, where the relationship was pronounced dead.  The primary reason is that we want the same things.  We BOTH want someone that will romance us and care for us and enjoy us and more.  We are both romantic, and we have watched more feminine movies than I can count.  It was only AFTER she concluded it was over that I fully accepted and moved towards my feminine gender, but we are both happier for the move.

And, speaking of moving, I have decided to move in a few years, as soon as my youngest birth child has graduated.  That gives me enough money to buy a house and move out, and I was surprised in my search to see that houses are cheaper in Florida than Oklahoma for the same quality.  I am also open to California or West Coast.  However, in a few years, I will be living somewhere that is OK with my gender expression, so I have decided to start living that, now.

So, I will be putting that change and marketing it on this blog, as it IS my "happy" future of rebirth.  I will be changing this blog to be trans focused, and I plan to align with women's fashion affiliates for ads and to start doing makeup tutorials and model the clothing for sale on this blog.  It will be a small part of my income at present, but I plan to expand it till it makes up a higher percentage.

So, whether you are trans or just feminine, I know you will find a soulmate and like mind, here.

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