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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Friday, April 17, 2020

Got a Job and a Plan as of today, I can start working another Appen project.  As much as I dislike the company and their lack of service, they are an income source that is needed in this time.  So, I have been applying to multiple projects and got access to one of them, last night.  It will provide enough money to pay my bills on a monthly basis, should it continue past this month, and it will provide most of what I need for next month (paid the next month) if I work as many hours as possible for the next two weeks.

ALSO, I have determined the best application of the stimulus money and trainings to set me up to be financially stable in a few months, IF the Appen project were to end.  I plan to continue with the TEFL course to be certified to teach english as a second language AND do the Quickbooks and payroll certification (as opposed to license) courses to show my ability to do those to apply to those positions.  I will take the REST of the stimulus and INVEST it, which I can use to make money from investments and put away money towards my retirement.  So...that's the plan and what I will be doing.

I look forward to earning enough money to buy a house in Florida AWAY from all the sht in the world and let both parties destroy themselves, as I live in my home.

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