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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Tuesday, April 14, 2020

My Reflection Driven Job Revision

Ok...As I have been talking about this week, I have been doing a lot of personal reflection of my past, present, and future. 

One thing that has come out of this is remembering what is good in my past, as well as what is good within myself, even if there are bad things that were a part of it.

For example, it looks like I will be going to Florida in a few years as my residence and future retirement home.  I didn't want to think about it, because I met my first wife there, and she dwells there.  So, I have avoided even THINKING good of that state, as a result.

However, in thinking about it I realized that I lived in Florida for years BEFORE my ex, and I have a lot of good memories from that state.  I graduated there with high honors.  I did my first two years of college there.  I had my first memories of jobs there.  I dated people there.  Etc.  I liked the beach and the feeling of acceptance, as most people there didn't judge you...not because they approved of you but because they never even took the time to NOTICE you for the most part.

Similarly, as I was going through the new virtual conference for at home workers, they talked about the beginning of your job choice starts with what you have to offer and what things you do naturally.

Well....I DO have an MBA in ACCOUNTING, and I have spent half of my blog and social media posts over the last year talking about ECONOMICS...assets vs liabilities, income, budget, etc.  I didn't like the corporate employee aspect of it, but there are ways to do it contract from home.

HOWEVER, those contract at home positions want you to be Quickbooks certified and to have training in specifically bookkeeping, which I do not.  Accounting is a big field, and that is outside of my expertise.

So....I am going back to home online training.  I am selecting a distance education bookkeeping course, and upon completion I will start doing bookkeeping related jobs, which I will likely get from not only the certification but 4 years of accounting, as well.

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