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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Be Defined and Guided By Where You Are GOING

I spent a lot of time thinking about transitions in my life, last night.  As part of that, I realized several truths and guideposts that are present to help not just me but anyone that is living in the stress of living in situations you do not like.

One of those guideposts is this.  We should not be defined or guided by where we ARE or CAME FROM but where we are GOING.

I will use my own life as an example, but you can use it to apply to whatever situation you have and from which you need to escape.  It is a concept and application that is, in fact, CENTRAL to the whole REASON I chose this blog name ... first as a book and now as a blog site.  You MUST be MOVING FORWARD to happinesss.  In order to do that, you need need a destination or a place where you are valued and happy.

In my own life and in my current circumstance, that is not true.  Forget all the he did this or she did that statements about the past, we must make our decisions based upon where we are at that moment and in every moment.  No good act or acts years ago are able to keep you warm, secure, and happy in your current moment.  You must accept the REALITY of the moment and process from there.

My day is this... I get up, and no one notices or says good morning or says positive things to me.  I work and accomplish things, and if I didn't post about it, no one would notice...because no one is asking.  I get certified or a new job or win a contest and it is posted without reply, often.  If it weren't for the internet and likes, I would not know that anyone finds me attractive.  I face bills and budgets daily to make sure the lights stay a house that is MUCH bigger than my need, because it is where my ex and her children live.  However, I cannot leave, because my assets and income are drained and limited. 

If I were to make my decision about myself, PURELY BASED ON THAT, I would conclude that I am a broke failure and be depressed about my potential.  However, let's look at that another way.

When I get to Florida, I will be around people that won't judge me by what I could not provide for them.  I will be living in a house or apartment, where I will be working in a profession where others will benefit from my acts, and I will get a paycheck I can use to pay for my modest home expenses and CLOTHES, MOVIES, the BEACH, trips, fancy food, and more. 

I will be able to make my small home by my style, and those that I meet will not judge me by my past.  THERE, I will get up every moment and look around at my SUCCESS that I will will not be going to pay for any other romantic figure (and is a reason not to be in a relationship).  Do you know that I have owned a house, like 5 cars, taken vacations, and frequented fancy locations weekly, before?  I will be able to do that, again.  I can go out and run on a trail or with a group that will know me.  I will be able to go on dates with others that say positive things to me and touch me.

THAT person is not a failure, just because others in the past could not appreciate it.  THAT person is not broke.  THAT person has potential and is happy.  If I look at my life in context to THAT person, I am ON MY WAY, and that is how I want you to see all of your own lives.  You are ON YOUR WAY to being happy.  So, smile, and take the first steps.

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