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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Thursday, June 18, 2020

Greed Vs Happiness

I am reaching new levels of my old happiness in the last few weeks, which I had not reached in a while.  As I am doing it, I am discovering more about myself and more about what I need to be and do to live the happy life that I have alwayis wanted.  One area of myself that has been revived in that process is the rejection of greed.

Greed is more than wanting money.  It is wanting more...period.  It is a quality that I rarely had growing up and for much of my early life, and I have always liked to live a life of contentment or the pursuit thereof.  I have told people my whole life that I don't want a lot of money or things.  I just want a peaceful, content, happy life.  It has been, and in fact still is, my dream retirement.... to be doing a simple job, living a simple life, etc.

However, I have often been surrounded and influence by others that want more, and I believe that THAT has made me become bitter and critical, which poisoned the well of my contentment and happiness...whether it be a kid tapping their foot at a store or saying things like, "I only drink PURIFIED water," or someone that gets upset because they have to work for pay.  Too many people are never happy and always wanting more and better.

It reminds me of something that was, in fact, mocked on George Lopez about his mother.  They laughed that his mother could NEVER say something happy about anything that happened that was good in her life.  They would tell her something good, and she would find a criticism and reject about it.  Unfortunately, this is like an infection, and it becomes an influence that can make others criticize what they previously loved.  Or, like in Downton Abbey, when Daisy was influence to criticize her job as a cook, because she was not advanced fast enough, based on the advice of Thomas.

The end result of this criticism is, actually, very similar.  No one wants to be around someone that is critical all of the time, and they will leave or fire them, while someone that is quiet and works and is content is often given MORE  grace and flexibility, because they want to keep them around.  So, I have to correct that negative influence in my own writings.  While it is true that the squeaky wheel DOES get the oil,it is also replaced the fastest.

So, my message of this post is this.  If you want to be happy, learn to be content and happy and seek more peace, instead of more things.  The end result of that endeavor is a life you can truly own and that will remain, instead of always being unhappy wanting more or something better.

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