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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Friday, June 5, 2020

In My Experience

There is a reason why I am generally reasoned in my response and adjustment to changesin my life. Yes...I deal with the moment of crisis and voice my objections at timess, but I spin rather quickly to new life stages, while others dwell in moments of drama. Often times...I've seen it before, or I have enough experience at life to know that this will not be the last "crisis" or change I will see.

I talk about my "long life" at times, and that is based in part in a number of age, but it is MORE based in the breadth of what I have experienced and faced, so to give you a greater sense of that, here are some things about my experience...
  1. Numerically, I am 48. I know I don't look that old...I have never looked my age, which often causes me to get less respect than someone less experienced that is 5 years younger than me. That is almost 5 decades, is two generations (almost 3), and it is about a DOZEN different culture changes in my adult years...each feeling that THEY are permanent and different.'s not that different. It's just different specifics and words used.
  2. I have served in the military... 6 years in the National Guard (in 3 states) and 2 years in the active duty in Artillery, where I have been an artillery cannoneer on 3 types of large guns, drove self propelled guns, and have driven for 2 officers and 1 First Sargent.
  3. I have worked as an IRS Revenue Agent in Boston, a retail salesman and manager for Dillards, an IBM old and gas royalty reporting analyst, a oil supply accountant for Shell, a rideshare and food delivery driver, an online data analyst, a freelance writer, a fast food counter worker, a movie theater concession and projectionist, construction with my father, cleanup at a recycled pastic plant, bailed hay, mowed grass, and more.
  4. I have been married twice, and I have two kids. One of them I homeschooled after her school had a problem with her ADHD condition, paid for her college, and drove her to school for two years. The other, I raised ALONE for the fist two years, after her mother had a post partum condition, and I took custody for 5 years, when her mother had mental issues, later on.
  5. I have faced bankruptcy a few times, mostly based on medical bills and resulting from crisis conditions, including being sued by my wife's ex for moving 3 hours away and being dragged by the court back to where I had to live.
  6. I have been the worker AND the house parent, have schooled for education and subsitute taught kids in school, have attempted selling insurance for several months, have bought a house... did maintentance on it .. and sold it, and more.
  7. I have experienced the situation of the pastor that was marrying me calling me a heathan on my facebook the week before my marriage, have worked security at a Rodney Howard Browne laughing revival charismatic event, have been a greeter in a non denominational church, have finished a degree in the Bible, and evangelized online.
  8. I have been shocked 4 times, sat on a snake, jumped on a spike off a building, broke my arm, and had my head need stitches 4 times... including once when my brother hit me with a hoe.
  9. I have bought a half dozen lemon cars from salesmen, have had a car stolen, have needed repairs in almost every major system in a car, have driven cross country, and more.
  10. I have lived in Iowa, Arkansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Kentucky, Florida, New Jersey, Boston, and well as visiting places at Niagara Falls, Disney World, New York City, Kansas City, Atlanta, etc.
  11. I have won awards in the dress review, fair exhibits, science fair, math contests, electronics contests, history contests, essay contests, science contests, leadership, student union even planning, and was representative both for a fraturnity and for my church at the Methodist General Council.
So...Yeah...experience. I have lived the life of about a half dozen people's lives, and I have seen it all in one fashion or another. So, that is how I know that the current changes are .. just another experience and nothing to get bothered about that much. In two years time, my life will be COMPLETELY different, AGAIN, and this will just all be another memory.

Life changes, and then it is over...and then it begins, again. Things get rough at times, and scary things happen. But, then they are over. One day my whole life will be over, and I cannot say I have not had a long and experienced life. it wasn't always fun, but it DEFINITELY wasn't boring, and I will have those stories to think about forever. So, don't get so hot and bothered about every little crisis...or visus..that happens. It's not new for society to over-react to things and think THIS is more important than EVERY OTHER event or virus in history. We've seen it all before, and we will, again.

When this ends, they will find another crisis to worry about. For me, I'm gonna work towards retirement and let them do the worrying.

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