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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Friday, June 5, 2020

Liberty In Being Judged

I am sitting here reflecting on two things.

One... I told my daughter, as I prepared her to go be under her mother’s primary care (having willingly decided to change custody for the best life for my daughter), that her mother was going to judge me for my care of my daughter, no matter how well she is prepared.
The second is a scene from... I believe American Gods, where they said, “And so, since they saw a thief, she became a thief and much more.”

There is a kind of liberty in being judged and ESPECIALLY when you hit the bottom of that judgment, where they and the value of their judgment loses all value or control over you, anymore.
I spent so many years trying to please this person or that person and did everything that anyone wanted ... homeschooling my older daughter for the school and my ex, paying for my older daughter’s college and driving her, sacrificing assets and time for those I dated, giving presents and time to my extended family, working extra hard for employers... all so that I could reach the point where all have abandoned me, teaching me the lesson that there is no value in sacrificing your good for others.

So, if you... like me.. are at the bottom of being judged by those you sought to please, join with me in becoming ALL they judge and more. Expect to see some dramatic shifts in my profiles and activities in the weeks to come.

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