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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Saturday, June 6, 2020

My Works Available and More to Come

HI :)

You will want to check out all of the new works that I have released, am releasing, and are about to release.

If you are new to my works, here is a quick rundown of what is available...

Radio Free Diatria - The year is 2059, 40 years after the Reign of Blood wars began. Kate Meanders, daughter of scientists on the moon colony of Alphaz, finds career success in the regional capital of Diatria. However, she also finds corruption in the government for which she works and deception by a lover.  As she navigates love and life in the city, she is learning things are not always as they seem and happiness can come where you least expect it.

He Said What? - A maturing society, coming of sexuality #metoo story. Amy grew up in a toxic situation, which drove her to achieve to escape. However, the dream she pursued quickly became a nightmare, as she faced her own #metoo moment in the executive, corporate world.  When everything falls apart, her connection to an old friend could be just what she needs for her career, her heart, and for others like her.

Godwich and Godwitch Christian Devotional - An educated study of the overlap, between Christianity and witchcraft, practical applications, and Scripture readings for the beginning Christian Witch. The devotional includes a collection of Scripture from the Bible on the fruit of the Spirit, as well as topical collections for use in prayer/spelling sessions.

Merry Christmas Holly and Noelle - This is the story of restoration, hope, and life that can happen, when and where you least expect it. With a little supernatural nudge from an angel, Noelle finds just that on Christmas eve, with enough heat and passion to light a hundred holiday candles.

Zombie Love - A young woman goes on a date and ends up a zombie killer, after a zombie apocalypse breaks out right in her movie theater.  This visually descriptive heartfelt narration goes through her emotions and actions, as she faces her pain, deals with new realities, and ends up making a choice she could never expect to do.

The Year the World Stopped Spinning - A Coronavirus Story - This is a satirical look at our present situation and the coronavirus with references to real life changes taking place. My hope is that this STAYS satirical and that humanity would be wise and courageous enough to never let it happen, even though we live in a society ripe for the picking and have young generations unfamiliar with the warnings the world has experienced in in the past and which are STILL happening in places we don't talk about.

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