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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Personal: Budget Covered for NexRep training..

Ok... so one of the reasons that I have continued to apply to jobs after NexRep (other than never count your chickens before they hatch) is that starting on Monday of next week, it will be NO PAY TRAINING that takes up ALL DAY and ALL WEEK.  For someone that is ALREADY pressed for money, that is very difficult to cover, so I have put in other applications and if any of them were willing to NOT require me to do with an unpaid week, I was going to give them preference.

However, as of this morning, I have made it possible for me to NOT WORK next week, and I will still be ok with expenses.  So, I can dedicate my time to that training without fear that I was putting the budget at risk. 

It hasn't ever been that I didn't LIKE the NexRep job.  It will be a great job for my situation, goals, and plans to relocate.  However, I have to cover bills and grow my investments, which is kinda the point of GETTING the job.

That said, I still have 11 applications out there for other thing...some of which could be done WITH NexRep, if need be, for even more money.  And, some of them pay more.  Regardless, I can...for the first time since getting the NexRep spot... be happy and rejoice at the prospect of doing the job, knowing I can make it happen.

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