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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Friday, June 5, 2020

Re-Lighting Writing

I have a tab on my site for my writing past and projects, though that is only partial and does not mention books that I wrote as devotionals and such, when I was supportive of those movements. However, I have not written a new books or did any major writing in months, feeling a little depressed by the tiny royalties that came from my lengthy writing projects.

Today, I was reading about someone that writes micro-fiction ...short stories and releases them on Amazon Kindle. He writes up to 10 per month, which is a standard that I could not reach. However, BECAUSE he is writing so many, the collection of the tiny royalties that he gets from all the books added up to 190 his first month and went up from there, as others got to know his writing name.

So, this has inspired me to do the same. My main focus will still be on accounting and driving, but I am already doing little things on the side of all of that and getting 5 dollar gift cards and survey income, each month. Why not add writing to this mix? WORST case scenario, I get almost no sales, but I end up with PERMANENT testaments to my talent and creativity...which is kinda payment in and of itself.

I already have 3 short stories in my drive that I can add a little to and release and will be doing so over the next week. After that, my goal is to write and release a book or two each week and keep doing so until I have at least 50 books out there, all of which I will have links to from this site. I will use the Kimberly Clifton penname, as I have already been using that, and it pays more to write with recognized writing names. Some will be from the woman's perspective, some from men's, some romance, some action, some scifi, some fantasy, some corporate, some erotic, and so on. I will post them, here, and add them to the writing tab, each book release.

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