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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Sunday, June 14, 2020

We All Have Flaws .. Look for the Good in Others

I think I am slowly moving back to not only the location but the person that I used to be in a lot of ways.  One way is in the area of tolerance.  I think that I have spent several years wrapped up in bitterness of other for things that they did to me, but I think a LOT of that had to do not feeling valued in my current relationship and job situation...or for that matter being valued for the freedom loving person that I am.  While it was not intentional, I think that bled over into my judgment of others....if THEY were going to judge me categorically, I would judge them by category.

However, that isn't who I have always been, and it isn't even who I have been all of the time over the last few years.  The other day, I was going through my things at the house, and I came across an anthology that I was published in recently.  It is called Evening Street Review and I was in the Summer 2019 issue.  The title of the essay that was published was We're Better Than Using Labels.

Now, I think I was generous to use the word "WE" in that, as ALL are NOT better than being that prejudiced, and it is easy for us to fail in the process, as I have done it, myself.

The reality is that not ALL of ANY category believe, do, or say ANYTHING in unison.  There are exceptions to every rule, and if we are determined to judge groups as a whole, we will miss out on good exceptions, or if we are judging a group BY a bad exception we will live a life of bitterness that will harm no one but ourselves.

We all have flaws, but even those that have harmed us have good qualities.  It DOES NOT MEAN that we should spend most of our TIME among those that value us, and it is a good idea to associate with those that believe in and value you.  However, we CANNOT use them to define ANY group, as no group is made up of clones.

I am processing this, and I am slowly applying it.  As such as I said a few days ago, I don't intend to use absolute labels of Republicans, Democrats, Christians, Men, Women, or etc.  Not only is it not accurate, but it limits my ability to interact and gain from those in those groups that are NOT personally harming me.  I am sure there are good women, men, believers, soldiers, voters, and more that are not motivated by selfish or hateful reasons.  I intend to find them, even if I have concluded I do not want another marriage, again...ever.  That is a separate issue based in factors like my age, my focus, and my newfound value of personal liberty, again.

So, join me in dropping the hate of ANY group and looking for the good in others.  If nothing else, it will result in a more peaceful life.

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