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Forward to Happiness Radio

Friday, June 12, 2020

Why I am Opposed to the Lockdown

I want to do a post to bring together and highlight why I have been and highlight why I have been and AM opposed to any lockdown plans.

ASIDE from the fact that this lockdown has ALREADY created an impact on our economy that will set us back a half century, when it flows through the production and sales cycles; it is ineffective AT ITS MISSION and is politically motivated, as evidenced by the actions and lifestyles of those promoting it.

There has been a few unreported scientific and medical experiments that have shown that those with high levels of Vitamin D in their blood have a more mild reaction to Covid.  Where do you get Vitamin D?  The sun.  By having a lockdown, it is making people MORE likely to have severe reactions to it.

And, they will still be exposed...why?  As someone that was getting groceries for the family, I saw everyone STILL GETTING FOOD among each other, as we ALL HAVE TO EAT.  So, everyone they were wanting to avoid at work or retail, they saw getting food.  If they can be among each other for food, why not other places?

Indeed, as this was happening, people that were demanding a lockdown were also going to CHURCH, unrestricted, where they would sing with open mouths near each other.  Then, as soon as their was a political cause, the SAME PARTY and SAME NEWS outlets telling you to stay home were telling you to GET OUT to protest or to vote.  Then, they showed LOTS of pics of people in those events violating every social distancing rule without condemnation.  Then, as soon as the trend slowed, they were back to demanding lockdown.

If people could be at a protest, they could be at work.

So, they waive the rules, as soon as it is convenient for them, which is also seen in the fact that I have NEVER seen Pelosi wearing a mask.  Biden did not, until it was a scandal that he was not.  They may have stayed home (sometimes....Pelosi did seem to WORK in that time, and ALL members of congress continued to get their pay), but consider the difference in life of those that are of THAT class and lower class.

Those not poor would have ordered groceries to be delivered, but food stamps CANNOT BE USED WITH DELIVERY...I know from experience.  Those that can afford that would have ALREADY been doing so, and those that are poor would have did as I did...go to the grocery store.  So, the lives of NEITHER were changed in that regard.

However, lets move on to the number of those that this affects.  With all the news you would assume this is killing like the plague.  Did you know that the CDC stats are that ONLY .2 percent... 1 in 500 of the INFECTED of the MOST VULNERABLE AGE GROUP needed hospitalization.  One in five hundred OF THOSE THAT GOT IT in that group needed a hospital. 

When they began the lockdown, stats show that the cases actually went up in those states.  Then, when it went down, it went down for all states...even those not in lockdown.  Then, as the states starteed to reopen, stats stayed the same or went down, until the open air, crowded protests called by those that wanted the lockdown.

Finally, even if there WERE a risk to being out, what area of life does NOT have a risk?  We have a risk leaving the house, every single day.  Are we going to ban premarital sex, because there is a risk of getting infected by someone that may not even know they HAVE something?  No...we just ask they wear a MASK over something, but we do not require it.  You cannot avoid risk or yourself or what YOU may cause to another by ending activity.

Conclusion.... the "crisis" is overblown, the lockdown has not impacted stats that much, people that were not going out for work were going out for other things, and the lives of those calling for high unemployment lockdowns continued to get their pay.

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