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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Friday, June 5, 2020

Work Is Work

I thought this was an important post to make about work and the world, today. I have been applying for a customer service phone position with NexRep, and I have passed to start certification in two weeks. In preparation for this interview, I read reviews of the job out there, and that is what inspired this post.

The reviews for this company, like many other companies for which I have applied, have two separate and contrasting sets of reviews. On the one hand, you have many that say they have been working at it for years and appreciate the flexibility that it affords. The OTHER side of reviews is basically whiny babies... to be very blunt. I have seen these kind of workers in not only online but in present jobs that I have held and worked, and it is the reason that I ended up working extra hard, while others just got paid to complain.

People think they should not have to face difficulty or restrictions or EFFORT for that matter in doing their job, and many complain that it wasn't FUN, or they were criticized or such. I see lots of people complaining that they didn't make as much as other jobs would pay.

If you fall in this crowd of people let me educate you. Work is ... WORK. People don't pay people for what they can get for free. The more FUN something is, the less it is going to pay, unless you are a hooker, and someone can pay me for sex, anytime. However, even in that job, workers have to go out an get clients.

I hear these kind of complaints mostly from kids that have had mommy and daddy doing everything and do not feel they should do anything. It reminds me of my older daughter, when I told her at 22 that she needed to get a JOB to pay bills. It is a spoiled generation, and it is OUR fault for spoiling them.

Also, if they really want to talk about other jobs, let me give you a picture of what other online jobs they may be having to do. For two years, I have been trying to make it work with various jobs online or by service, and all of them have difficulties. Transcribing is going to pay you pennies for every minute of typing conversations said in a crowd. Surveys are going to pay you a few bucks an hour for deep mental thought and answering. Rideshare..for its fun times, is hard on the back and subject to auto repair needs and is subject to changing demand.

You can get eye strain from anything on a computer, and you can get physical pain for any job requiring motion. You can get difficult customers or workers in all of them. You will either have a harsh boss monitoring you to get things done, or you will have NO SUPPORT from "managers" over you.

The point is... every job is hard. That's why it is a job, so suck it up and WORK, or do not complain about being poor.

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