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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Monday, July 6, 2020

Hobbies for One

Yeah...I know.. I said that I wasn't going to blog, everyday.  However, I have been reflecting a lot, tonight, and realized one of my errors and what I need to be doing to correct it.  I felt that others could benefit from it, also.

I have a problem with the hobbies I choose.  Yes.  I spend time working, and I relax with activities, after.  However, I realize that my hobbies tend to be what I would call performance hobbies.  I am DOING them for others to see, benefit from, etc... a very social aspect ingrained into all of them.  Even my blogs and what I am doing, right now, is an expression of this aspect of my personality.

However, I am moving towards a very solitary life.  In general, most parents whose kids are growing face this at some point.  I am just facing it faster than others.  What do you do with your time, when you don't have an audience?  It's kinda a hard thing for me to think about, and I am sure that I will post to social media about it, from time to time.  But, I need to establish some solitary hobby goals.

I was reading a great article on activities for one from Popsugar, and here are a few that I want to do, myself.

1.  Reading - I don't know why this one was such a shocker to me.  I used to read, once upon a time.  Then, I got into writing .... for others to read.  Things got in the way, and I lost the habit.  It would be a good thing for me to start doing, again.

2.  Learning Another Language - Actually, I want to learn a few.  However, I will start with the one that I already know the best from old school classes...Spanish.  I put Duolingo on my tablet, and I want to start practicing a little each night.

3.  Games - I have already started to do this one and have installed some games that are not intended to earn money on my phone.  I want to do this on my computer, as well.  One day, I will get a console to play, as well.  Though, that one will probably wait till Florida to save money.

4.  Meditate / Spelling - the article mentioned meditation, which would be great for my peace of mind and soul.  However, it also gives me a chance to do more spelling, which I have been sorely lacking. 

Florida Hobbies - Will Begin After the Move

5.  Photography - To really do this hobby, I need a camera, and that is an expense I can't do till I get to Florida.  Before that, all extra money goes to that purpose.

6.  Single Person Athletic Activity - I want to take up golf, again.  That requires club money.

7.  Learn a Musical  Instrument - Technically, I could start to do this, now, as I have a guitar I never learned to play.  However, I am more interested in learning to play the keyboard, which will be something I buy in my Florida years.

8.  Ham Radio - I actually had a Ham Radio license, once.  It was fun.  I would like to get a radio to start, again, but those radios are VERY EXPENSIVE.  So, it will be further down the road.

What hobbies do YOU want to learn to do?

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