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Forward to Happiness Radio

Forward to Happiness Radio

Friday, July 3, 2020

Truths Everyone Knows But Pretends Not To..

I believe one of the things that holds a lot of people back from happiness is engaging in what I'd call communally accepted delusions and hypocrisies.  These are the things that we all know but often ignore or outright deny.  I thought I'd go through a few of them, here.  Don't worry...all sides will find something to be offended by here... being exiled from groups frees me to speak openly.  I'll start with politics, but I will go into relationships, individuals, society, and more.


- Truth:  All major candidates of BOTH sides are only there for themselves.  They want to get rich and have power, and they will say anything (even if contradictory) to get it.  No politicians have convictions, if they can benefit from the reverse.
- Truth:  Both PARTIES condemn the other party for things they, themselves, advocated in the past or are currently advocating.  Chaining immigrant kids was ok under Obama-Biden but horrible for Trump.  Having Republican rallies is risking public health, even if they WERE a week after two weeks of race protests, they say.  They cheered the market under Obama, but it is greedy criminals under Trump.  And, after years of saying they wanted diversity and equa  lity, the Democrat chose a WHITE MAN to lead the party...who happens to be rich, has sexual and international scandals, and more.  Meanwhile, the GOP condemns Biden for being too old, while they stand behind senile Trump.  They attack Dems for states that don't follow Trump, even as they stand for states rights.  They say the Dems are wrong for pushing social policy over business, even as they push for monitoring sex, drug use, and more.
- Both sides would rather demonize the other side, than compromise and actually get things done.


- Women condemn men for wanting bling, toys, and opportunities to show off their wealth, even as women's magazines tell them what thousand dollar dress to buy next, what makeup and jewels to buy, etc and look for opportunities to wear those things out in show off their wealth.  They condemn men for competition, but I have not SEEN more competition than among women competing with each other.  Women condemn men for porn, but they have entire publishing houses dedicated to letting them read sex between people more mentally graphic than the men see in pics, and they masturbate as much to those stories...even married women.  They condemn men for being insensitive, but they SEEK OUT those kind of men .. not only do they designate sensitive men as "friends" or gay but they designate feelings and emotions the realm of women and see any entry into that territory as stealing their identity.
- Meanwhile, men see women as manipulative for using their bodies and makeup to get things from them, even as they work out in gems and buy things as gifts to get things from women.  Men criticize women for trying to control them, even as they hold to beliefs (or scriptures) that say men must be in charge.  Men say women spend too much money, while they are buying games, cars, golf clubs, and more.  Men say that women do not understand business, while a new company goes under every day from mismanagement and play games or talk sports at their desks, instead of working. 

School and Work

- Both men and women believe that education will help make a person rich.  So, they get them to take out huge loans (making educators rich), which will be paid back out of the professional pay, meaning they will net less money than if they worked at McDonalds the whole time.  Further, those loans are owned by the rich, so the poor person is paying a rich person, while staying poor.
- It is commonly believed and promoted that the higher up you go, the harder you work.  However, I know from having BEEN in those circles it is the reverse.  The higher up you go, the more vacation days you take, and you spend your time in meetings TALKING about what the lower people should do for them.  Meanwhile, if you actually DO work well in a lower position, they refuse to promote y you, out of wanting to USE you for their management "successes."


- Both sides proclaim themselves more charitable than the other side...whether politics, gender, or more.  They all claim to support more causes.  Yet, in my life, I have never seen ANYONE that I personally know giving a dime to any cause, and neither side gave help to me in my times of need.  If you look at the food banks out there, they are usually tax write offs, while neither churches nor liberal political groups give anything to help them.


- Men are often condemned for being cheaters for  a glance or a conversation, but I have witnessed many "work wife" situations at different jobs, where women would spend every lunch with a specific guy, getting emotional nurishment they fail to get from their husband...while condemning the man for the attention he gets from women..attention she does not give to their husband.  Indeed, it became a COMMON site to see some women talking about their BAD HUSBAND to some guy at work..or with friends...or at church.  Really...sensitive...
- Meanwhile, men will call a woman a "slut" for flirting, while they will go out of their way to talk to women wherever they go.
- And BOTH genders will say that they want a relationship for years and spend all of that time changing themselves to get someone, only to spend as MUCH TIME AS POSSIBLE away from each other... with the guys or the girls or etc.  Then, they will condemn the other for every failure of the other to give them things that they could do for themselves and DID do for themselves, prior to a relationship.  It is almost like they get into a relationship to have someone of which to complain.


- All religions claim to be living a life of sacrifice, even as all their churches get bigger and the preachers of all churches not only say their financial growth is GOOD, but they tell their believers what to say or do to get more money for themselves.
- Churches accept a lot of donations, but I have never seen a church MAKE donations or hold events for those outside of their walls.
- Men AND WOMEN claim they are living a life of putting off the flesh, as they wear their best clothes to meet people to date and marry, instead of spending time with those at the church in pain or sorrow.
- Every religion claims to be more pure than others and point to things in the scriptures of the other religions that are bad, while ignoring things in THEIR scriptures that are worse... like slaughtering entire towns, forced marriage and sex, slavery, and more.

So... lets be real... we all suck.  We are all only after our own desires, cloaked in deceptions or delusions of purity and holiness.  No side or person is sacrificial, every side is greedy, everyone wants sex, no one is loyal, everyone is lazy, and voting won't actually change ANYTHING.  Then, maybe we can get along with each other and have more peaceful days.


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